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I am so fucked


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My favorite Frank Ocean song. Honestly, how can you not like this song.

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"We all lived in the neighborhood for a couple of more years-mostly through junior high school-and every summer was great. But none of them ever came close to that first one. When one guy would move away, we never replaced him on the team with anyone else. We just kept the game going like he was still there."

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"My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

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"I wish I had done everything on earth with you"

The Great Gatsby (2013)
Baz Luhrmann

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why do so many people think spiders are evil and out to get you

look at this fucking nerd run away in an overly dramatic cartoonish way just because something touched its butt

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Sophie Turner at the Season 4 London Premiere [x]

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All men must die, Jon Snow. But first we’ll live.

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